Downloading MAGICC6

Download a compiled version of MAGICC6. Note that this version does not (unlike MAGICC/SCENGEN5.3) contain a graphical user interface. Both input and output is only present as ASCII files, which can be viewed and edited by you with any standard text editor (like Notepad, or ConTEXT or the like). Thus, this download version is targeting somewhat advanced users. A short user manual can be found on our pages. In case you are looking for an easy, fully-fledged, out of the box, access to MAGICC6, why not try the fancy user-interface via

License Agreement

The Creative Commons license for the MAGICC6 executable basically says that you should cite our work whenever you use it, that you strictly use MAGICC6 only for non-commercial purposes, and that you share any derivates alike.
We do however request that any derivatives are fed back to the MAGICC developers, so that users of the future versions can have the benefit of making use of any alterations, enhancements etc. Furthermore, we would like you to provide feedback, bug reports and development suggestions.

Creative Commons License Compiled MAGICC6 Windows Executable by Tom Wigley,Sarah Raper, & Malte Meinshausen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

If you make any use of this work, please cite:

M. Meinshausen, S. C. B. Raper and T. M. L. Wigley (2011). "Emulating coupled atmosphere-ocean and carbon cycle models with a simpler model, MAGICC6: Part I "Model Description and Calibration." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11: 1417-1456. doi:10.5194/acp-11-1417-2011


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